Product Sourcing & Manufacturer Research in Thailand


This service is dedicated for the exporters who want to benefit from a professional service of product sourcing in Thailand. We are able to source any kind of products and distributors in Thailand.

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Thanks to its deep knowledge of the manufacturing market in Thailand and of the Thai local culture, our team is able to find products and suppliers that match your expectations.

We source everywhere in Thailand. Whether it is on Bangkok, Chiang Mai Chiang Spoke or any other part in Thailand, our team and sourcing agents are able to discover for you the best opportunities.
This service is perfect for specific products researches, with very particular characteristics.

To benefit from this service, we ask you to provide us the following information:

  • Photos
  • Fabric
  • Designs
  • Marking
  • Weight and dimensions

After checking these information, we send a quote for our sourcing service for your validation. After acceptance of our terms and conditions, our teams begin their researches and will forward you a sourcing report including:

  • Names and full address of suppliers
  • Photos and information of articles produced by the suppliers
  • Production time
  • Prices per unit
  • Our recommandations

The research time depends on the nature of the products but will not exceed 20 days.