Prototypes and Samples Manufacturing in Thailand


Before placing an important order, it is highly recommended to make samples and prototypes in order to confirm that the products will correspond to your initial expectations. We are able to take care of the design and the manufacturing of your samples in Thailand.

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To benefit from this service, we ask our clients to have a technical data sheet with pictures and design plans mentioning the following information:

  • Materials/fabrics/components
  • Weights and dimensions
  • Marking/logo
  • Colors

After analysing these information, we will send you a quote including the following:

  • The manufacturing costs of your samples
  • Quantity minimum requested to launch the manufacturing process
  • Production time
  • Terms of payment

Furthermore, thanks to Anthom Shipping, our international freight forwarding branch, we will send you these samples in door-to-door at the best prices.

To finish, after receiving your approval, our suppliers and factories will start the production.