Import – Export Trainings Sessions


Knowledge and understanding of the fundamental rules and laws of international trade is an essential condition for the success of your import – export project. This is why we are proposing import-export trainings and coaching services.

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Because we are freight forwarders – Anthom Shipping – as well as product sourcers we have a deep knowledge of the international trading businesses, and we can assist and train the new exporters withcustomized training sessions that will fit your import – export projects.

The purpose of these training – coaching sessions is to answer to all questions that every new exporter have about international trade, but also to inform, advice and optimize your project with the best practices of the import – export sector.

Our Import – Export in Thailand training session is covering the following main topics:

  • Trading – purchase – sale of the goods in Thailand.
  • Quality control of the goods – production.
  • Rules of international transport – calculation weight, volume and different types of transport.
  • Cost of transport – freight cost.
  • Legislation of import countries – import laws and restrictions.
  • Duties and taxes – rules and calculation.
  • The responsibility of the seller and the buyer.

We provide this formation in Bangkok or by video-conference.